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The Firm Tributario Monti

“Studio legale e tributario Monti”, with offices in Milan, Rome and Lugano, was established in 1992 by Angela Monti, after a ten-year collaboration with leading law firms in Milan and a period of teaching Tax Law at the University of Trento, as well as a collaboration with the Bocconi University.

The firm offers a full range of tax advice and related matters and since its founding it mostly has dealt with corporate taxation issues, in both administrative and criminal aspects, with a specific vocation for tax litigation and for fiscal, financial and managing consultancy Thanks to Angela Monti’s membership of the Italian Association of Financial Analysts (AIAF), the law firm also has gained a relevant experience in the financial products taxation.

Among the clients of the firm, in fact, are some of the main listed companies operating in the sectors of banking, finance and insurance. Thanks to its highly professional standard in the field, the firm also provides for legal assistance with claims for damage against banks and investment companies, regarding their liability for “mala gestio” issues. Since its foundation, the Firm Monti has also provided highly skilled legal advice to the main listed groups . on tax matters, and has proudly showed off a proficient cooperation with the Bankruptcy Court of Milan. The firms’ tax lawyers generally are members of the Board of Auditors in several companies belonging to multinational groups. Furthermore, Angela Monti is the President of the Chamber of Tax Lawyers in Milan and also a member of the Commission of Business Law Issues of Assolombarda (Lombardy’s Unit of the Confederation of Italian Industries).