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Areas of activity

Advisory services

The Legal and Tax Consultancy Firm Monti provides advisory services in all sectors of domestic and international tax law, for issues regarding both natural persons and businesses.

Criminal proceedings

The Legal and Tax Consultancy Firm Monti criminal assistance and defence services for penal proceedings regarding fiscal crimes, the laundering of profits generated by said crimes and assistance in rogatory proceedings to foreign States.

Taxation of financial instruments

The Legal and Tax Consultancy Firm Monti provides tax advice services on capital market operations, structured finance and securitization transactions. Assistance to financial institutions and investment funds on the tax treatment of investments, asset management services and financial instruments.

The Legal and Tax Consultancy Firm Monti has a particular vocation for the fiscal efficiency of the returns of the financial assets both of the private and of the corporate bodies, trusts, non-profit bodies also through the construction of fiscally performing financial products.

Tax disputes

The Legal and Tax Consultancy Firm Monti provides assistance and defence services for taxpayers in disputes with Finance Administration before any court, including the Court of Cassation and other superior courts (Council of State, Constitutional Court) and international courts (i.e. European Court of Justice, European Court of Human Rights)

International and EU tax law

The Legal and Tax Consultancy Firm Monti provides assistance on tax issues concerning international and EU law, particularly with regard to the application the double tax treaties, cross-border restructuring and income flows and OCSE Action Plan on BEPS. Assistance on the application of European tax Directives. Assistance before the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights


The Legal and Tax Consultancy Firm Monti provides a full range of consultancy and legal assistance services before any court, regarding duties, VAT on imports and excises.


Joint work with other law firms.

Studio Legale Tributario Monti is not associated with any auditing firm or any international tax or law firm network, therefore, it doesn’t incur in any limitations currently provided by CONSOB (Commissione Nazionale per le Società e la Borsa, Securities and Exchange Commission) and by Sarbarnes-Oxley American law or by others foreigners supervisory authorities while carrying out its professional tasks.

However, consolidated relationships with institutions like IFA (International Fiscal Association), AIAF (Italian Association Financial Analysts), UNCAT (Tax lawyers National Union), of which Mrs Monti is President of Milan section , the Centro di Diritto Penale Tributario (Tax Criminal Law Association) as well as the ten year teamwork with several professionals experienced in complementary fields, allows the Firm to provide its clients, especially enterprises, with total assistance.